The Aster Villa project in Simpang Ampat, Penang, stands as a striking testament to the transformation we’ve led. What was once an empty house now embodies modern contemporary architecture, boasting bold contrasts and meticulous detailing that reflect our commitment to excellence.
From the tatami-inspired layout on the ground floor to the sleek matte natural stone TV panel, every aspect of this client’s house showcases our dedication to craftsmanship. LED lighting delineates the spaces, while the kitchen’s black and orange accents add depth and character.
Upstairs, the master bedroom exudes luxury with a floating study table featuring an orange glass backsplash. The master bathroom boasts sophistication with waterproof wood texture panels and an orange countertop basin.
In another bedroom, the thin natural stone wardrobe doors highlight our attention to detail, while the office room exemplifies innovation with its intriguing wall partition and an orange glass backsplash adorning the office table.
In essence, the Aster Villa project serves as a testament to our ability to transform our client’s house into a stunning embodiment of modern design.