What does a house in the modern Japanese style look like? We’re going to demonstrate one of our penthouse projects in Penang that our #artrendinteriorstudio designed using concepts of contemporary Japanese design.
Japanese modern design combines ancient and futuristic features to produce distinctive homes. Aside from making you feel cozy, its incredible design makes your home look elegant and functional.
Modern Japanese interior design is mainly focused on clean, woody lines, warmth, and natural components. It also adheres to minimalist design principles. Modern Japanese-style rooms have stark walls, simple, frequently low furnishings, and a neutral colour scheme.
In contemporary Japanese-style homes, less is more. Given that every material has a colour, which influences the overall design of the space, it is important to take materials into consideration when choosing a colour scheme. A space would feel more minimalistic, tidy, and trendy if the variance in material and colour were reduced to a minimum.