The key colours of the design in this idea room are brown and white, which give it a classy, contemporary appearance. To make the furniture and other features stand out throughout the entire room, our designer incorporated a contrast colour scheme.
The family room, which is located behind the living area, offers the best scenery view and the most sunlight, making it ideal for relaxing and socialising with others. As a representation of a TV panel and as a boundary between two areas, we installed a trendy, customised wooden pole wall behind the TV. This is a cool concept for maximising space and functionality throughout the entire living area while preserving the room’s aesthetic appeal. In addition to giving the interior a contemporary appearance, this design idea gives the private rooms a sensation of privacy and tranquilly.
The centre of the living room has a display shelf that is perfectly fixed in place. The dining area is strategically located in a corner next to the kitchen, giving the room a neat and clean appearance. The master bedroom also includes a walk-in wardrobe that can be accessed by passing through a hidden door, giving the room a more opulent and exclusive impression.